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29 May

3 Walks with a View on Monte Pisano!

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Monte Pisano offers many pathways, some more challenging that others: but they all have in common breathtaking views, on one side the coast, on the other Lucca and the Apuan Alps.

You will cross streams, immersed in the forest, and you will encounter the ancient ruins of monasteries, churches and farmhouses.

Are you ready? Here are three itineraries of varying length which can be hiked alone, maybe with the support of some maps that you can find in the Montepisano Store.

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1. From Dante’s Pass to Mirteto

“Questi pareva a me maestro e donno,
cacciando il lupo e ‘ lupicini al monte
per che i Pisan veder Lucca non ponno.”

This passage was written by Dante, from whom the pass takes its name. You can reach the pass from San Giuliano Terme, where you leave the car to continue on foot, or you can drive to pass from Santa Maria del Giudice and then continue on foot.

The footpaths are mapped out and clearly indicated by CAI, so you just have to follow the signs and enjoy the landscape, a relaxing walk in silence and nature, accompanied by spectacular views that stretch to the horizon.

Find out more about Borgo Mirteto >

2. The Aqueduct itinerary from Lucca to Pisa

This a more challenging track: not because it presents particular difficulties, it is accessible to everybody, but for the time required to reach the destination.

The departure is from Lucca, following the Nottolini Aqueduct, til you reach the uncontaminated valley of Vorno, where you can spend the night in a B&B and restore yourself with excellent traditional dishes from Lucca. From here you climb up Montepisano, reach the peak and then follow the paths down to Pisa.

Our agency offers a tailored two-day package trip to make the most of this wonderful itinerary.

3. From Asciano to Villa Bosniaski

This is not really a hiking path, but an enjoyable ramble along white and gravel roads that lasts about 40 minutes, taking the time to admire the views. From the point indicated on the map below,departing from the small locality of Asciano Pisano, you can reach the peak of Monte Pisano, facing Pisa, with a wonderful view over Pisa and the coast.

Finally explore the Villa del Polacco and, if you are still full of energy, continue along the many paths indicated by CAI!

Discover more about Villa Bosniaski (or Villa del Polacco) >

@ Photo Credits: Federico Boschi | Gianluca Diodato

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