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27 Dec

4 must-see exhibitions in Pisa and Lucca

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In this weather we don’t really feel like spending a lot of time outdoors, but Monte Pisano and its surrounding areas offer a variety of things to see.

Be it music, food and wine or culture, there is a lot on offer, however today we are going to focus on only one: exhibitions.

Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo – a spectacular exhibition

In the Arsenali Repubblicani di Pisa, we can find this spectacular exhibition which , through 54 projectors, recreates a 360 degree view of the universes of these three great artists, from the Flemish style of Bosch and the Brueghel family to the jesting and metaphorical art of Arcimboldo.

The magical atmospheres of the show are reproduced through a combination of projections, music, images and technology which offer a full immersion experience to the public.

When: from 14 November 2018 to 26 May 2019
Where: Pisa, Arsenali Repubblicani
Opening hours: every day 9.30 am-7.30 pm (The ticket office closes an hour before closing time)
Tickets: from € 7.50 to € 14.50

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From Magritte to Duchamp 1929: the Great Surrealism from the Pompidou Centre

This exhibition is a collection of over 150 pieces: sculptures, paintings, surrealistic objects, drawings, collage, photographs and installations brought to Pisa to show the incredible experience of the surrealist avant-garde.

All these masterpieces were produced around 1929, a crucial year for the Surrealist Movement. The artists: René Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Giorgio De Chirico, Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray, Joan Mirò, Yves Tanguy, Pablo Picasso and many others.

Magritte, Dalì but also Duchamp and Picasso are the undisputed protagonists of the show in which many other celebrated surrealist artists are included to offer an comprehensive presentation of this rich creative season.

When: from 11 October 2018 to 17 February 2019
Where: Pisa, Palazzo Blu
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10 am – 7 pm. Saturday -Sunday and holidays: 10am-8pm. (The ticket office closes an hour before closing time).
Tickets: Full €12

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The secret of time. Themed artworks by Sergio Fortuna, Paolo Staccioli and Maria Stuarda Varetti

The exhibition “The secret of time” is in GreenheArt, the Emotional Space of the Giardini Marino Favilla, in Picciorana, where three artists exchange their views on this theme, each using their expressive medium: Sergio Fortuna (photographer), Paolo Staccioli ( sculptor) and Maria Stuarda Varetti (painter).

When: from 19 October 2018 to 7 January 2019
Where: Lucca, GreenheArt
Opening hours: from Wednesday to Friday 3-6 pm; Saturday 10am to 1 pm ( from 26/11nto 24/12 from Monday to Sunday 10am-1pm and 3-6pm)

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The 1950s. Images from a decade in Pisa

Once again the photographic archive of Luciano Frassi, after his exhibitions on 1968, commemorates a crucial decade for the city of Pisa.

The exhibition in Palazzo Blu was inaugurated on the 6th of November and was curated by the philosopher Remo Bodel, the journalist Giuseppe Meucci and the art historian Stefano Renzoni.

The photos narrate the changes after the war, with the reconstruction of the bombed-out buildings, the political and social changes and the life of the city.

The images regarding the university, the choices for the future, the shows and the city characters are also of great interest.

When: from 7 November 2018 to 17 March 2019
Where: Pisa, Palazzo Blu
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10am to 8pm (from the 18 February closed on Monday)
Tickets: full ticket €3, reduced € 2

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