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14 Dec

5 Things to do for Christmas Holidays in Monte Pisano, between Pisa & Lucca!

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A lot of things to discover and activities to try: Monte Pisano awaits you in one of the most evocative moments of the year!

DINOSAURS: PREDATORS & PREYS at the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa, Calci. in Calci. Open until 16th of September 2018.

Teeth, fangs, horns, shields, shells, mighty paws and muscular tails: weapons for attacking, but also for defending, owned by the greatest animals ever lived on Earth. The Dinosaurs, giants of the past, are back to Calci more majestic than ever: Amargasaurus, Carnotaurus, Tirannosaurus, Albertosaurus and many others wait for you for a sensational trip across Mesozoic, discovering survival strategy used, yesterday as well as today, by predators and preys.
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Built inside the church, the only restored part of the great abandoned convent in Nicosia, the crib can be defined a work in progress. Every year, since its starting point in 1999, new characters and new environments are added. Each character is made of plaster and then painted and dressed with real clothes.
The walk that leads to the Convent, the landscape once you arrive, the love and commitment of the local community for this place will get you involved!
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Surrounded by the famous walls, Lucca historic center is ideal for a stroll around discovering beautiful architectural details. A cozy atmosphere without the traffic noise, a special care in the presentation of the products, you will feel like going back in the past. Recommended a walk along the Via Fillungo, for high quality Italian Style shopping. There you will also find the old artisans shops of goldsmiths and leather goods.
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HIKING on the Monte Pisano paths

Enjoy the clear winter days and the fresh air among the tuscan hills, hiking in the nature along the paths of Monte Pisano with the view overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea.
There are many itineraries to discover with local hiking guides: the geological origins and the caves, the fortresses and the castles, the Pisan Romanesque parish churches and the convents, the medieval villages, the botanical and faunistic species.
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ESCHER EXHIBITION in Pisa, BLUE | Art and Culture PalaceĀ until January 28th

In the center of Pisa, take an unforgettable walk along the Arno River and visit Palazzo Blu, venue of the exhibition “Escher. Oltre il possibile”: an extraordinary selection of over one hundred works by Maurits Cornelis Escher.
The exhibition is divided into nine sections: Faces, Animals, Objects and Reflections, Geometries and Rhythms, Landscapes, The Artist, Fantastic Architecture, Nature, Self-Portraits.
An opportunity not to be missed.
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