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Bikevillage: Sports and good food at the foot of Mount Pisano

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The new Bike Village Sports and good food at the foot of Mount Pisano

Are you ready for a virtual journey through the flavors of Mount Pisano by bicycle? Today we want to introduce you to the new Bike Village in Agnano where the world of cycling goes hand in hand with that of good food and local products. Will we be able to make you hungry and hungry for a nice scenic ride?

We are in Agnano (Pi) halfway between downtown San Giuliano Terme and Calci on the Lungomonte Pisano provincial road. Those who are from the area in the will have seen at least once the large white building halfway down the street that until a few decades ago housed a prominent Tobacconist’s shop. For those coming from afar, on the other hand, it will suffice to travel this pleasant road that connects Val Graziosa to the thermal baths of San Giuliano to find the brand new cycling HUB in front of them.

Bike Village since 1933

A business that began in 1933 in the center of Nodica in the municipality of Vecchiano today taken over and transferred by two young boys in an all-modern key. The facility with its large, very bright interior spaces in a well-kept, detail-oriented industrial style welcomes guests with the warmth of the staff whether for a break for a few minutes or to spend a long evening with friends.

Sports and good food!

Whether you are looking for a brand new bike or decide to stop in for a drink or coffee, the Bike Village will know how to make it enjoyable and fun.

Background music, often live with local artists, and the large outdoor lawn, which is illuminated with soft lights during summer evenings, provide exciting and relaxing atmospheres to indulge in a few hours of total relaxation with good food featuring burgers and fresh, original dishes.

Let’s go find out all that the Bike Village has to offer!

The bike store

The Bike Village’s historical and main activity is as a bicycle and accessory store. As always and now more than ever, internationally renowned brands are offered at the Bike Village in both bike and sportswear or streetwear. Cannondalale, Alè, Kask are just some of the brands available in the store throughout the year. The bikes are displayed in a bright, spacious area designed around the needs of the customer, who here can in total peace of mind touch their next bike or wear the new summer or winter clothing line.

The workshop

Only the skilled hands of Bike Village mechanics are authorized to work on bicycles entrusted to the Bike Village for periodic maintenance, warranty work, or total restoration; this ensures a high quality of work along with meticulous attention to detail. Bike Village mechanics are ready like surgeons to intervene on even the most delicate problem to give racing bikes and MTBs a new one.

The rental center

At the Bike Village, bikes are not just bought!

In fact, if you want to discover the area with a modern E-bike, you can choose to rent one for one or more days with incredible ease. Just reserve by phone or at the headquarters for half or full day the bike of the desired size and think only about where to go to have fun pedaling, and if the choice of the route turns out to be complicated experienced guides are ready to accompany clients along all the routes of Mount Pisano. The cities of
Pisa and Lucca, Lake Massaciuccoli, the coastline or the fun trails of Mt.
will have no more secrets.

The bar and food court

We have satisfied the insatiable craving for sports so far, now it’s the palate’s turn!

The new food court inside the Bike Village is ready to welcome its customers for any meal. Whether it is breakfast, brunch, a business lunch, apertivo or dinner, the menu always offers genuine and delicious proposals to discover the area through the flavors and why not the colors of burgers or tartare, freshly baked cakes or rich boards

Both inside and outside the Bike Village, the atmosphere will always be relaxed and full of surprises such as frequent theme nights with live music or mouth-watering off-menu events.

How to reach and contact the Bike Village

Reaching the Bike Village is very easy both coming from Pisa and Lucca; below trè can be found a map

Phone: +39 0508053280

Email: info@bikevillage.eu

Website: www.bikevillage.eu

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