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From the source to the tap

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We visited one of the sources of Monte Pisano

The water

In our everyday life we often take for granted so many things, we just push a button to light up a room, it’s enough to turn on a tap to have fresh, clear water. We use water to brush our teeth, to wash our hands, do laundry or just to freshen up. But have you ever wondered what’s there, at the pipe’s beginning?

Today we will try to explain to you the water path from the source to your houses, in particular the one from Monte Pisano.
We are now in Molina di Quosa, a small fraction of San Giuliano Terme, where you can find a bunch of houses, typical shops and a little church. But this little town is not only on flats, it has a part perched on Monte Pisano.
We have to take the trail to the summit, that will lead us to the Fico Corso source, but don’t fear, all the efforts will be paid of by the beautiful view!

This is where our journey (and the water one) begins

In front of us we can see a huge fenced field with a central canal where the water flows. No pipe, industrial facilities or anything that makes us think of an aqueduct.
You can spot a little construction on the left, its locked door will prove to be the access to the heart of the source. An attendant will open the door and you will find yourself in front of a flight of stairs that goes underground up to a long corridor. Here is where the water just leaking from the mountain flows before being purified and then introduced into the water network.

In the mountain’s heart

The setting is clean and well kept, we can see the water flowing throught canals to a tank where sodium hypochlorite is added. This step is necessary to make the water drinkable.
Probably not everyone knows that water can be drunk straight from the tap thanks to all the checks and tests carried out on samples everyday.
Once our precious water has been purified, is conveyed in a bigger tank downstream using gravity.
This allows everyone to have a stable water flow, even in peak hours. In fact, the water follow gravity downstream and, through a dense network of canals, arrives to our houses ready to be used.


Water! Our precious resource

Our intenction is encourage everyone, from the youngest to the oldest one, to become aware of a treasure that is too often take for granted and wasted.

We would also remind you that water can taste different depending on the area of origin but you can check all the test online at anytime.

Live this experience in person!

For those interested in visiting the aqueducts, the “La Tartaruga” association that we thank very much, periodically organizes guided tours that can be booked by consulting the calendar on the official website.

Finally, we thank the company Acque S.P.A for the great availability and the total support that it provided us during the visit to the plants.

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