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28 Apr

Monte Pisano Trail, not only a Trail race

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In March, a special Trail Running Race takes place on Monte Pisano: it winds along paths surrounded by unspoiled nature and historical evidences that makes the Monte Pisano Trail race really amazing.

The setting of the race is Calci, a small rural village in the heart of ‘Valgraziosa’ (‘Gracious Valley’) nestled in the Monte Pisano hills. From there the routes touch many of the historic places of the area: the Chartehouse, the ruins of the Verruca Fortress and those of Mirteto Monastry and Nicosia Convent.

We will also meet some Romanesque churches and the monumental Medici aqueduct used for supplying water to Pisa back in the XVI century. Climbing the main peaks like the Verruca, the Serra and the Faeta a breathtaking view to the archipelago of the Tyrrhenian Sea will display in front of us.

When we first met Sergio, Simone, Francesco 3 years ago it was clear that the main reason for creating the event has been their love for the Monte Pisano nature and history and, in addition to that, their sport association AD1063, who organizes the Trail since then, is very well experienced from a technical point of view.

Monte Pisano Trail, March 18th 2018

Three different itineraries: Long Trail 45,600 Km  -D+  2712 mt / Medium Trail 29 Km – D+  1350 mt /Short Trail  17,800 Km- D+  1004 mt, considered perfect as competition field from experienced runners and with a mild climate for the time of the year.

That’s what makes Monte Pisano Trail a good opportunity for training before the summer. Moreover, the Trail Ethics, guidelines for Trail Runners adopted by AD 1063, rise awareness on the importance of preserving nature and environment.

Are you a Trail Runner? Find all info about the Montepisano Trail and how to register at the web site www.trailmontipisani.it

Free offers along the Monte Pisano Trail

If you are not ready to run yet, you can hike along part of the Trail paths and cheer the runners on the way or waiting for the them crossing the finish line and share the excitement: DMC Montepisano travel company of the area has prepared 2 free offers in cooperation with local hiking and enviromental guides.

Monti Pisani Trail main spots: a walk to discover edible wild plants of Monte Pisano
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Discovering the Monti Pisani Trail main spots: orienteering competition for families in the town of Calci
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You will also have the chance of meeting some local producers (extra virgin olive oil, organic fruit and veggies, homemade bread and pasta, ecc.), tasting some special street food, or eating at family run hosteria.

For more details contact us at:
DMC Montepisano Travel
+39(0)50 7846847
+39 366 6949330

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