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10 Jan

Monte Pisano. Where it is and what to see

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Monte Pisano is small mountain range located in North-central Tuscany, between the cities of Lucca and Pisa.

It extends over the territories of 7 municipalities:

  • Lucca
  • Vecchiano
  • San Giuliano Terme
  • Calci
  • Vicopisano
  • Buti
  • Capannori

A succession of olive groves, hills, woods, natural springs, limestone caves, hamlets and medieval fortresses, historical villas, rural parish churches and Romanesque churches.

A natural stage that extends from the Apuan Alps to the sea and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

The natural beauty of this area, shaped by its inhabitants over the course of the centuries, the mild climate, the slow pace of life and of the local agricultural activities, make this area the ideal place for those looking for nature, relaxation, history and culture.

Only 20 minutes from Pisa Airport , a small jewel to discover, live and explore.


Monte Pisano is connected to all the main transport systems: motorways, airports, railways and buses.


  • Pisa – 20 min by car
  • Firenze – 1h by car
  • Bologna – 2h by car

Higway junction

  • Pisa Nord (A11-E76, A12-E80) – 15 min by car
  • Pisa Centro (A12-E80) – 15 min by car
  • Lucca Est (A11-E76) – 15 min by car

Railways Stations

  • Lucca – 20 min by car
  • Pisa centrale – 20 min by car
  • San Giuliano Terme – 5 min by foot
  • Rigoli – 10 min by car

Monte Pisano is a place a challenge yourself!

A dense network of paths, cart roads and mule tracks that wind through nature reserves, an ideal environment for nature and sustainable tourism lovers.

A wide range of easier walks through the olive terraces and chestnut forests, more challenging hikes, cycling paths, horse riding paths, caving activities and climbing, rafting and paragliding!

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The monumental historical complex of the Charterhouse in Calci, inhabited by Carthusian monks until the 1800s, is also home to the Natural History Museum with its incredible collections and one of the biggest cetacean halls in Europe.

All Monte Pisano bears witness to a rich historical past: the Romanesque parish churches surrounded by nature, Vicopisano with its Brunelleschi Fortress, Ripafratta and Verruca, the historical villas with their gardens dotted with monumental trees and centuries- old camellia gardens.

The area is rich in fresh water and therapeutic springs, a hydrothermal patrimony known since ancient times: the Medici Aqueduct, the Nottolini Aqueduct, the thermal baths in San Giuliano and Uliveto, the fountains that still supply water to the population testify to its abundance.

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