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Azimut – Treks

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16 Jan

Azimut – Treks

Organization and guided excursions of one or more days in Pisa and other Tuscan destinations territory.

My passion for the journey, trekking and hiking began with my very first steps. After long living abroad working both in contact with the public and in the events organization, eventually holding the position of sales manager for an international company, I heard the clear need to direct my knowledge and skills towards what I have always felt to be: a guide.

Azimut – Treks

+39 339 5675637

Having this goal in mind, I founded Azimut – Treks, a small company, offering the huge natural resources, historical and landscape of our region to the largest possible pool.

Particularly I would like to bring the area of ​​the Monte Pisano, which I consider an absolute rarity jewel, international attention, sharing the incredible environment that millennia of interaction between man and nature have created and came to us beautiful and perfectly balanced.

In the last four years, I accompany foreign tourists in Tuscany, created, organized and conducted great journeys in Norway, Italy, Germany and Portugal. The sociable and solar tract of my character allows me to face the most diverse situations, such as unexpected to be solved or an unexpected encounter during the journey that will enrich the travel experience.