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Believed to be of Roman origin, Buti lies on the eastern slopes of the Monte Pisano, on the banks of the Rio Magno.

The municipality includes the villages of Buti, La Croce and Cascine, all joined by the road that runs alongside the Rio Magno.

In addition to the Villa Medicea, places of interest include Castel Tonini – the castle overlooking the town – the Romanesque Church of San Francesco and the Church of Ascensione, also known as Santa Maria delle Nevi. This church can be reached by following the “Via dei Molini”, formerly the path of the ‏‎water mills leading from Buti towards Monte Serra.

A stroll through the town takes sightseers to the Teatro Francesco di Bartolo (named after the first commentator of the Divine Comedy), built in 1842 according to the architectural standards used for academic theatres in the early 1800s.

The local economy has been considerably influenced by the unique position of Buti, which is almost completely surrounded by the Monte Pisano. Olive oil production, chestnut gathering and woodwork were main economic activities in the area.

The 19th century saw a boost in the production of baskets, crates and hampers, while the 20th century brought a rise in furniture-related industries. Today craftwork and agriculture still hold important roles in the area of Buti, thanks also to the Olive Oil Route of the Monti Pisani and to the two modern oil mills that are used by various municipalities of the province.

The many clubs and associations, the rich calendar of recreational activities, shows and events (notably the Palio di Sant’Antonio in January) and the network of foot and cycling paths in the lush woods make Buti an interesting and exciting place to visit all year round.

Source: PisaUnicaTerra

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