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Monte Pisano in Toscana / CAI – Club Alpino Italiano

CAI – Club Alpino Italiano

Club Montepisano Network Services
16 Jan

CAI – Club Alpino Italiano

Walks with trained members. Caring for the mountain responsibly, through the organization of cultural events and trail maintenance.

CAI provides for the spread of the mountain attendance and organize mountaineering activities, hiking and caving.

CAI – Club Alpino Italiano

Via Fiorentina, 167
Pisa (PI)
+39 050 578004

CAI also organizes and runs training courses for climbing, ski – mountaineering, hiking, caving, naturalistic acticities, all aimed at promoting a safe mountain frequenting; in addition tracks CAI, builds and maintains trails, alpine and mountaineering equipment works; the maintenance and management of their shelters.

Finally it promotes scientific and educational activities for the knowledge of the mountain environment in every aspect; ethical and cultural training initiatives, studies dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge of the mountain and its people, photography and mountain films, the preservation of alpine culture.