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Monte Pisano in Toscana / Camellietum Compitese

Camellietum Compitese

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1 Feb

Camellietum Compitese

Camellietum Compitese was born in 2002, year of XV Exhibit Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia, when the community of S. Andrea and Pieve di Compito, with the municipality of Capannori, decided to create a public garden made of only camellias.

So the municipality bought an abandoned piece of terraced land, that once hosted a vegetable garden, crossed by a water flow where natural water sources of high quality merge. Centro Culturale Compitese reclaimed the land, restored the collapsed walls and started planting specimen of japonica Camellias coming from local, Tuscan and Italian villas, with a didactic aim and with the purpose of preserving those specimen. In the first three years about 400 cultivars were planted in that portion of land, while in 2008 Centro Culturale Compitese purchased an important collection of ancient japonica camellias and and the administration bought an adjacent wooded plot of land: this way Camellietum Compitese tripled its surface.

To this day the number of hosted plants is about 1.000 exemplars, among these 250 are classifcated. In addition to Camellia japonica the following specimen are present:Camellia japonica – Camellia sasanqua – Camellia sinensis – Camellia rusticana – Camellia higo – Camellia reticulata – Camellia fraterna – Camellia cuspidata – Camellia (inerspecific hybrids).

Currently the Camellietum is looked after and managed by Centro Culurale Compitese, thanks to two passionate camellias lovers and volounteers for ordinary maintenance. We can also count on the occasional help from Società Italiana della Camelia (Italian Society of Camellias) and Società Internazionale della Camelia (International Society of Camellias).The garden can be visited during Mostra Antiche camelie della Lucchesia which also opens the doors to historical parks of local villas, caskets of centuries-olds camellias, that during the rest of the year can be visited only by booking.

Source: Camellietum Compitese