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Monte Pisano / Certosa di Calci

Certosa di Calci

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1 Feb

Certosa di Calci

The Pisa Charterhouse was founded in the 15th century thanks to the legacy of an Armenian merchant.

It is a monumental Baroque style complex consisting of a large internal courtyard, used for day to day activities and as a place of meeting with the outside world, and also a series of buildings surrounding the courtyard that contain the cells, orchards and the reserved areas, as is fitting to the Carthusian living regulations. Of note amongst these is the prior’s apartment, the library, the historical archive and the pharmacy. The Charterhouse was the residence of the Carthusian monks until the 1970s and is today open to the public.

One wing of the complex houses the Natural History Museum of Pisa University, comprising paleontological, mineral and zoological collections, in addition to preserving one of the largest cetacean galleries in all of Europe and rooms dedicated to dinosaurs.

Source: PisaUnicaTerra