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City Grand Tour

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16 Jan

City Grand Tour

Tours: take a walk into the past, or choose personalized itineraries to discover the territory.

City Grand Tour is a group of guides and professional tour guides who work in the city of Pisa and in the Pisa area.

Let’s look for the poetry of everyday life, of the details and of the past in the narrow streets and squares where, in the stories of the people and in the eyes of curious travelers, can be found the background of a country.

In addition to providing traditional guided tours, we suggest itineraries to discover the smaller towns, their local products and traditional crafts, combining history, legends and moments of thematic entertainment.

City Grand Tour

Via San Giovanni Bosco, 46
Pisa (PI)
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The tour is not only a moment of encounter and knowledge, but it is for us a sharing of emotions, scents and real-life experiences. Starting from this need of sharing, we have created special itineraries, which are kind of unique, such as “Itinerari teatralizzati” or GiroGioco.

An Itinerari teatralizzati is a journey to discover the region through the voices of the personalities who lived there once, a guided tour accompanied by the intervention of guides / actors that make the tour interactive. Libraries or simple village bars become special places where the story becomes reality. Here come to life known and less known characters/personalities, between myth and reality: Mario della Luna, the village idiot of Calci; the washerwomen of Asciano; Livia Gereschi, war hero; Galileo Galilei, Mary Shelley, Peter Leopold of Lorraine.

The GiroGioco, is a fun journey, a challenge for adults and children. A tour that becomes a game made of choices to be made and mysteries to discover: surprises, games and meetings with people from the past in a continuous interweaving between art, history and science.

The guide alternates the regular guided tour with the answers of the participants who will have to sharpen the look, to find the details, to look closely.

In addition to the “Itinerari teatralizzati”, travelers will be led in more traditional tourist routes to discover the most famous and secret places of the Monte Pisano. A territory rich in natural resources such as the water of Asciano that since the beginning of the seventeenth century has brought water to the city of Pisa thanks to the Medici aqueduct which still winds along the countryside between the Monte and the city, creating enchanted landscape.

The wood of the forests was used in the Middle Age to build the vessels of the Maritime Republic; the rocks have created the fortifications, the tower houses and the famous monuments of Piazza dei Miracoli: the Cathedral, the Campo Santo, the Baptistery and the famous leaning tower.

Other resources that still give glory to the area are the hot springs used since Roman times, the olive trees planted along the Strada dell’ Olio of the Monte Pisano, the ancient parish churches, the sumptuous villas and monasteries, like the Certosa of Pisa in Calci, one of the largest and best preserved monasteries in Europe.

The territory of the Monte Pisano is for us a constant journey into the past

Every time we live again the great battles that took place in Buti or Vicopisano; from the imposing fortress of Vicopisano, built by the Maestro Brunelleschi, we can overlook the Val d’Arno. Let’s velvet our palate with antique flavors, because the Monte Pisano is much more than a guided tour, it is the search for roots and traditions.

Gianni Beconcini