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Mi Garba Bio

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16 Jan

Mi Garba Bio

Come visit our organic product shop. All our natural beauty products are made from organic olive leaf extracts.

We are Alessio and Serena, two of three siblings. When you enter into our shop you can see right away that this is not a normal shop; the name already suggests it: “Mi Garba Bio” leaves no doubt, only organic products and only from Tuscany. Yes, we are inflexible: we do not like local products treated with pesticides, nor the organic ones that come from China.

Mi Garba Bio

Via Statale Abetone, 160 – Molina di Quosa (PI)
+39 050 6138302

We also have soy sauce but we prepare it with lentils and chickpeas, and it tastes even better. We stand for the genuine variety and we are against the globalization of taste, because the supermarkets have decided to feed us those few things that are convenient only to the persons who want to make money. Instead there is a hidden world of upholders of flavors, the peasants who every day make plants survive, ancient grains and legumes, which have names, colors and strange shapes. Our farmers are also alchemists…. Here jams have strange names, pumpkin and almonds, pears and “passito”, quinces and raisins, nuts and black figs. Not to mention the spirits and sweets. Here the juices keep the pulp, pasta and flour still have the germ of wheat, spices are collected where nature has decided to let them grow and cheeses do not raise cholesterol because sheep eat well and outdoors.

Here oils and spices take the form of artistic creations and the honey is not offered in just three types, as usual; you can find lime honey, sunflower honey, ivy honey, apple honey, Eucalyptus honey and many others. But my favorite is the beach honey, because when I open the jar it takes me back in a jiffy to the dunes of the park in front of the sea.

But all this wealth of flavors has been discovered by accident while looking for plants to use for our cosmetics. Yes, because we are also manufacturers. It all started when we moved from the center of Pisa in the country and our retiring father became fond of recovering abandoned olive groves on Monte Pisano. It was very hard work: olive trees were set free from the brambles which covered them; but they did not produce any olives for three years. Later, however, came to life the famous, high quality, extra virgin olive oil “The Gold of the Colonel,” which became an IGP organic Toscano from the Monti Pisani, so good that people come from far away to buy it.

After university studies, together with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Florence, I began to create the cosmetics Eco-Bio Domus Olea Toscana, after having discovered the exceptional anti-aging properties of the olive tree leaves and of other Tuscan plants. Thus I gave birth to these products for beauty and skin health which became quickly popular in Italy and abroad.

My brother Alessio, who worked in London for 8 years as a telecommunications engineer, decided to return to help me in this ambitious project, and also to improve the quality of his life.

Yes, because here everything goes according to human rhythms; you will become aware of that when entering Molina di Quosa, a village of medieval origins, previously contested between Pisa and Lucca, which owes its name to the many mills, now abandoned, built on the old torrent Cuoza and used to grind grain and press olives. Here you will find people chatting in the shade of the great plane tree, with in the background, the sound of the flowing water. You may decide to take a walk up to the old town, maybe stopping to buy a gastronomic preparation from Ciapino or fresh fish that arrives every Friday brought by Salvatore. Then you may go to see the workshop of Antonio and Simone and their wonderful atelier of antique furniture. Or stop by Claudia that, if she is not engaged in sewing classes for children, is in her shop of household items that she hand decorates herself.

You can climb on the scenic route and get to the memorial dedicated to the Partisan Resistance (Nazi-Fascist massacre of 1944), enjoying the panorama on the plain of Pisa up to the sea, and sometimes, to the islands of the Archipelago. Then you can go and eat some tasty dish cooked by Dario and Michela.
For walkers, the surprises are many; you can go down from the mountain peak using the trails that lead to San Giuliano Terme, to Lucca, or to the Fortress of Ripafratta, or take the Passo del Frantoio to go to admire an old mill built on a fortification of the Agliata family dated 1300.

You can see the beautiful villas scattered alongside the Monte Pisano, visit the ancient Romanesque churches of Rigoli (VII sec.) and Pugnano (XI sec.), and finally admire the ancient terraces with olive trees, while going along the road that leads to Casetta delle Selve, where the eclectic writer Nicla Menchi lives.
In the evening you can relax in the beautiful and cozy B & B and agriturismi of the area, on the hill side or on the plain, each one with its own peculiarities.

If you come to see us at Mi Garba Bio you can taste the local flavors, try our cosmetics on your own skin and also compose original gifts to take home, mixing food with beauty products; after all the raw materials come from the same land.

Leaving the Mi garba Bio boutique, you may explore an area rich in surprises at every corner and if you come on the third Sunday of October you can enjoy in absolute preview the new olive oil and the chestnuts at the Sagra di Molina (festival of Molina). We wait for you!

Gianni Beconcini