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Monte Pisano in Toscana / Monte Castellare

Monte Castellare

Protected Area and Nature
1 Feb

Monte Castellare

Comprising a surface of 237 hectares, the site of the “Monte Castellare” conserves an interesting Etruscan-late Medieval settlement still in a phase of excavation and  study, and the ruins of the residence of the Bosniaski family, situated in a position from which it can dominate a wonderful view that sweeps from the hills of Livorno to the peaks of Liguria, from the islands of the Tuscan archipelago (Gorgona and Capraia) as far as Corsica.

The area, distinctive for its slopes prevalently limestone rises, free of surface water and vegetation, contrasts with the green of the nearby peaks but in the cold winter days it is lit by the colours of the sunset that illuminate the white limestone rocks.

The “garrigue”, the sparse and bushy vegetation of the area, confers a look of essentiality to the place, but in the locations where the water manages to give life, between plants of myrtle, spiny spurge and mastic, around thirty species of orchids bloom, among which are some endemic and extremely rare species, that accompany the excursionists along their path.

The sporting, recreational and nature activities are the most varied, with options for all the tastes and ages: from the bicycle to the mountain bike, from walks along easy mule tracks among olive groves and pine forests to the more demanding treks on paths that lead to the highest altitudes of the Monte Pisano and grant excellent views of the scenery of the nearby Apuan Alps.

Source: PisaUnicaTerra