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Montepisano Store

Montepisano Network Services Travel agency
16 Jan

Montepisano Store

Purchases and information to discover our territory.

Montepisano Store: incoming agency, tour operator, selling local produce.

Are you traveling in the heart of Tuscany between Pisa and Lucca? At Montepisano Store you may find useful information for your trip.

Montepisano Store

Largo P. B. Shelley 20 – San Giuliano Terme (PI)
+39 050 7846847
+39 366 6949330


Raffaella, Thomas and Pietro know the people, places and products of the Monte Pisano and may provide you with local advices. Where to pause for a stopover of a few hours or to stay for a few days and to taste the local cuisine.

Which routes go: hiking or biking, independently or accompanied by our environmental guides, or boating at sunset. What events right now animate our villages.

At Montepisano Store, you can find the best of exclusive local produce: extra virgin olive oil, wines of certified quality and liqueurs, jams, honey, local crafts; maps, guides and books that tell our territory.