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Museo di Storia Naturale

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1 Feb

Museo di Storia Naturale

The Museum of Natural History of the University of Pisa is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded as a “Gallery” at the end of the XVI century by Ferdinando I de Medici. Currently, it conserves and displays more than 400 years of history in naturalistic-scientific research of the University of Pisa.

Since 1986 it has been located in the rooms of the Chartreuse of Pisa in Calci and nowadays it represents one of the most important naturalistic realities in Italy. Zoological, fossil and mineral remains are organized in a thematic and systematic order and displayed in rooms and galleries of at least 4000 square meters arranged on 3 floors. The Cetacean Gallery, one of the first ones in Europe of scientific value, the Palaeontology section with Dinosaurs and the Aquarium are very remarkable. The Museum offers different itineraries and several didactic activities that cover various scientific subjects for all school levels. The visit of the museum is a unique experience thanks to its richness, complexity, unity of messages passed down. It covers subjects from the scientific-didactic to the naturalistic-panoramic, and from the historical to the artistic-architectural.

Source: Sistema Museale d’Ateneo – Università di Pisa