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Monte Pisano in Toscana / Osteria all’Ussero da Antonio

Osteria all’Ussero da Antonio

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16 Jan

Osteria all’Ussero da Antonio

The osteria, located in the old “coppaio”, where the terracotta jars for olive oil were kept, in the garden of the Villa Di Corliano, offers high quality menues in a typical Tuscan enviroment.

Situata all’interno del parco della Villa storica di Corliano, l’osteria è stata ricavata nell’edificio adibito in passato a coppaio della Fattoria, luogo dove alloggiavano gli orci in terracotta per conservare l’olio.

Osteria all’Ussero da Antonio

Via Statale Abetone e Brennero, 50
San Giuliano Terme (PI)
+39 331 579 1910

The buildings of the farm were built in 1755 by the architect Ignazio Pellegrini, calle d upon many times to design many aristocratic villas in the surrounding countryside. The osteria, which is both a restaurant and a coffe bar, offers the experience to have lunch in an very authentic and relaxing setting, typical of the rural tuscan tradition, with seating also outside in the garden.

You can reach the restaurant along the old Abetone and Brennero road, that from Pisa passes through San giuliano Terme and arrives in Lucca.

The restaurant offers gluten-free meals!