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Società Agricola f.lli Urbani

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16 Jan

Società Agricola f.lli Urbani

Ever since 1896, we keep on preserving knowledge and passion for wine producing. It’s an agriturismo among the vineyards, just a stones throw away from Lucca.

“Consuming wine is far less important than knowing how to taste wine. It’s desecrating the mythological origins, the Christian symbol, the ancient history and the finest traditions of the vine, so prosaically it’s swallowing wine glasses. Wine should be drunk with a high sense of poetry, almost with religion. And because it is really the spirit of our land, our ecstasy of light, should be drunk within the country, with the mind and heart full of memories of events and of ancient customs and kind.” By Arturo Marescalchi.

Società Agricola f.lli Urbani

Via per Gattaiola, 322
Gattaiola (LU)
+39 348 6608062 | +39 345 9433469

As in 1896 even today, after more than hundred years since its founding, the Società Agricola Fratelli Urbani, keeps on guardianing the ancient knowledge handed down from father to son through generations.

Ancient knowledge based on the experience, the deep attention, carried over with passion and love for work, knowing that the story of that bottle of wine now in your hands, begins when the vineyard is planted, continues in time with the first grapes, and year after year, with the work of pruning, mowing grass between the vines, arrangement of branches, coppering and sulfuring, up to the harvesting.

The harvest begins picking ripe grapes carefully sorted by each single named grape variety, to produce varietal wines characterized and usually named with the various vizzati which enhance the flavor and the aromas. The fermentation is performed using traditional methods and what nature and man’s work have been able to do, is than aged in chestnut barrels according to local area tradition, housed in the old cellars where wine may stay even two years before passing the bottling.

Among the 150 oldest companies in Italy operating in the same sector from at least 100 years, according to the National Register of Historic Enterprises of Unioncamere, we also launched the Agriturismo with our apartment named “Magic Moments”; 70 square meters which can accommodate up to four people. The apartment renovation took place gradually using the existing materials such as wood, stone, bricks integrated with the new ones without destroying the uniqueness of the Tuscan country. The result is a place where our guests and their children can relax, having ready to read and watch books and films in various languages, a small playground, bicycles as well as a wood stove and a barbeque.

On demand we arrange wine tastings, cooking classes and provide local event information.

Our constant but discreet presence is much appreciated by those staying to visit the surrounding hills, walk and cycle around the villages, visit churches and places that bring heart and mind to a time gone by.

Gianni Beconcini