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Romani Olearia di Roberta Romani

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In the land of Montemagno, municipality of Calci in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, the organic extra virgin olive oil by Romani Olearia is born.

Romani Olearia

Via Venezia di Montemagno 60, 56011 Calci PI

Montemagno is a charming village of early medieval origin, surrounded by olive trees and crossed by the Zambra di Montemagno stream. Montemagno has been dedicated to olive oil production since ancient times.
The Romani Olearia terraced olive grove is characterized by the multivariate native olive varieties of the region of Montemagno: “razzo” with “pendolino” and “moraiolo”.

Dealing with the land, facing nature, specifically in cultivating oil, involves a passion that goes beyond rationality.
Roberta Romani, olive grower, grows up amidst the culture and power of the olive grove and produces oil respecting the fruits of the land.
Romani Olearia EVO oil respects Organic agriculture, a production model that protects the land and the consumer, offering numerous benefits such as healthier and safer products and the preservation of the planet’s resources.

Romani Olearia use only the latter (with no addition of any chemical additives) which creates chromatic confusion: spraying clay (kaolin) on the olive trees transforms them into white- silvery elements that the fly does not recognize. Bioagricert constantly carries out inspections.

Cold pressing is within 12 hours of the beginning of the daily picking in a certified organic mill.
Romani Olearia extra virgin oil is stored in nitrogen tanks to keep the product as freshly pressed for the entire storage period, thus eliminating the gap between “new oil” and “old oil”.
Romani Olearia proceeds with packaging exclusively in order to preserve the flavors, aromas, and fragrances of freshly pressed oil.

Romani Olearia extra virgin oil is available as follow:

  • Cylindrical tin in satin black aluminium, 250ml
  • Cylindrical tin in satin black aluminium, 500ml
  • Luxury black satin glass bottle cruet with measuring cap, 250ml
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