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4 things to do on Monte Pisano in the Winter

Winter is fast approaching and with it the desire to spend more time indoors, even more so when the weather is not being kind. However this does not mean that there aren't activities that allow us to enjoy our beloved corner of Tuscany in this time of year. We have spoken a lot about our natural beauties in our recent articles, but Monte Pisano also offers several different activities. [Relax] Bagni di...

Wow, the ancient ships of Pisa!

As many of you know, Monte Pisano is nestled in between the two historical cities of Lucca and Pisa, rich in priceless art and monuments. For example in Pisa, in addition to the Leaning Tower and other world-famous monuments, you can also visit (even if work is still in progress) The Ancient Ship Museum, with archaeological artifacts discovered 20 years ago and impatient to be admired. 20 years ago...