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3 biking trails from San Giuliano Terme, along Monte Pisano

Three biking trails departing from our office in San Giuliano Terme, where you can rent bicycles. We offer e-bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes: each bike can be rented on the spot, depending on availability, from €25.00 per day. 1. Calci, the Charterhouse and the Natural History Museum Km: 26 Time: 5 hours Difficulty: easy Period: all year round Departure from San Giuliano Terme, a small town at the foot of Monte Pisano,...

A Winter Sunday at the beach

The Christmas Holidays are far behind us and even though the temperatures are still quite low a walk through the wonderful landscape of this corner of Tuscany is very welcome for both the body and mind. Monte Pisano, a small mountain range that divides Lucca and Pisa, is also very close to the lake and sea. Only a few kilometres away there is a unique beach which is part of...

3 places where you can spend a day out in the open air on Monte Pisano

Spring has arrived with the first warm sunshine and we would like to present three places we love where you can spend a day out in the open air! Monte Pisano, less than ten minutes from the cities of Lucca and Pisa, offers nature, relaxation and areas which are accessible even to the elderly, easily reached by car. They are not overcrowded or noisy, luckily in our small corner...