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Poets, Counts and history on Monte Pisano: Dante’s Pass

As many of you know Monte Pisano is crisscrossed by many paths and trails, in the past the only roads connecting Lucca to Pisa. Among these there is one that takes its name from Dante Alighieri, the most important and well-known poet of Italy. It's called Dante's Pass, a beautiful scenic spot overlooking Pisa and the coastline and from which many paths, of varying length and difficulty, depart. But let's get...

Monte Pisano in Lonely Planet!

Our main aim has always been to promote the Monte Pisano "brand" in order to make it an internationally recognized tourist destination. Over the years, step by step, the brand has become established and has grown stronger, thanks to our collaboration with local businesses but also, on an international level, to our participation to previous and ongoing European Projects. The road is still long and hard, but it's a great satisfaction to...

3 Walks with a View on Monte Pisano!

Monte Pisano offers many pathways, some more challenging that others: but they all have in common breathtaking views, on one side the coast, on the other Lucca and the Apuan Alps. You will cross streams, immersed in the forest, and you will encounter the ancient ruins of monasteries, churches and farmhouses. Are you ready? Here are three itineraries of varying length which can be hiked alone, maybe with the support of some...