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The Ghost of Teresa and when the Villa di Corliano inspired Frankenstein

Many of you know Villa di Corliano, the beautiful early 15th century villa built on the footslopes of Monte Pisano. This glorious villa, nowadays a luxury hospitality location and renowned restaurant Osteria all'Usssero (da Antonio), is also known for its mysteries: ghosts, experiments and the visits of poets and writers. The villa is owned by the Counts Agostini Venerosi della Seta, who recount the story of their ancestor Teresa who...

Fruit Cake [the recipes of Monte Pisano]

Antonio, manager of Osteria All'Ussero, located in the Villa di Corliano in Rigoli (San Giuliano Terme) would like to share with you this old recipe, found in the notebook of Teresa Agostini Venerosi Della Seta (1862-1946). ...