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Terra & Aroma farm

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Enjoy every moment the pleasure of a tasty recipe, a glass, or a snack..all with the local genuine ingredients

A place deeply rooted to the earth and a place to eat: you will enjoy the traditional Tuscan dishes in front of the wonderful Certosa di Calci.

Terra & Aroma Agriturismo e Agriristoro

Via Roma 77
56011 Calci (Pi)
+39 342 33 57 718

What to find at the farm:

The products

In the kictchen you will only find aromatic herbs, fruit and vegetables from the farm itself,  recipes are strictly seasonal: good products for simple dishes, to enhance the taste of the sun and the earth. The menu at Terra & Aroma follows a precise rule: in each dish one of the farm vegetables, and aromatic herb.

Only Local producers

“We select our suppliers with special care and we are quite demanding: ours is a life choice, even before a job. Locally produced, organic, controlled and above all healthy: the ingredients we use are the starting point of our choices. We prefer a careful selection to a superficial welcome: our products are our business card”.

The restaurant area

A wide garden or a comfortable porch: choose where you prefer to sit and enjoy your lunch or dinner in front of the magnificent Certosa


Terra & Aroma: 300 years history

Laura Chiellini, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, inherited the family agri-business, founded 300 years ago by her great-grandfather. She modernized it and also started the production of aromatic herbs  with the construction of a 1,200 square meter greenhouse, heated by a biomass boiler, fueled by olive pits, under which aromatic herbs are grown.  “I have always aimed at quality, food safety, agriculture that is attentive to the environment and people, agriculture capable of interfacing directly with the consumer “. This is why she started the experience of direct sales and today the catering, too.


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