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6 Dec

The Ghost of Teresa and when the Villa di Corliano inspired Frankenstein

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Many of you know Villa di Corliano, the beautiful early 15th century villa built on the footslopes of Monte Pisano. This glorious villa, nowadays a luxury hospitality location and renowned restaurant Osteria all’Usssero (da Antonio), is also known for its mysteries: ghosts, experiments and the visits of poets and writers.

The villa is owned by the Counts Agostini Venerosi della Seta, who recount the story of their ancestor Teresa who lived in the villa in the 1700s but who is still present… as a ghost!

It would seem that the love she felt for the villa would not allow her to depart…

Mysterious apparitions and sounds of footsteps

In addition to the stories of the family who, over the course of the years, have heard the sound of dancing feet coming from the ballroom, many guests have reported strange apparitions and the sound of running footsteps.

Modern day ghostbusters from the Ghost Hunters International in the USA have come to the villa in search of the countess. With their instruments they managed to pick up the sound of shoes running through the rooms.

However the Count reassures that the ghost of the Lady in White is not dangerous and there is no need to be afraid 🙂

The mystery does not end here…

Towards the end of the 19th century, this villa was a haunt of notable literary figures, among whom Lord Byron, Vittorio Alfiere, Mary and Percy Shelley and many others….

The villas along Monte Pisano were frequently visited by these personalities, however it would seem that Mary Shelley drew inspiration for her most famous creation from the one of her stays at the Villa di Corliano: Frankenstein.

Indeed, because at that time the surgeon Francesco Vacca Berlinghieri, nicknamed Francesco la Pietra (Francis the Stone), was experimenting with galvanism in the cellars of the villa. Galvinism is the science the creates muscle contractions by means of electrical current, just like in the book: Doctor Frankenstein reanimates a body made up of dead body parts stolen from cemeteries and morgues.

If this doesn’t convince you, look at the name Francesco Pietra in German: Franken (Francesco) Stein (Stone)!

Fact or fiction?

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