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15 Jan

Three solutions to move without a car between Pisa, Lucca and Monte Pisano

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We have already talked about the strategic position of Monte Pisano, which being right between the art cities of Pisa and Lucca is excellent for staying in the quiet countryside but close to all attractions. Now we want to explore the potential of public transport as an alternative to the car that can help you visit it better.

Bus, train and bike are excellent solutions!

Yes, because Pisa, Lucca and Florence are all connected by a very efficient railway system which also crosses Monte Pisano.

The stations

The most important station on the west side of Monte Pisano is San Giuliano Terme but it is not the only one: Ripafratta and Rigoli are two other stations which, depending on the structure where you are staying, can be very useful for connections to Pisa and Lucca .

The bus

Two main lines connecting Pisa and Lucca by bus are also available to users as an alternative to the train: one that crosses the Mount at San Giuliano Terme for short connections between the two cities and one that instead circumnavigates it following the railway line and connecting small villages such as Molina di Quosa, Montuolo, Pugnano and Ripafratta.

The frequency

Railway connections are very frequent. In fact, you can find connections every half hour from six in the morning to ten in the evening for each direction and thanks to the Trenitalia’s website, at the ATMs (available only in the San Giuliano Terme station) or directly on board you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for both you and your bicycle.

Obviously with the train you will not be able to reach the wonderful routes on the top of the mountain, much less the walkways of Lake Massaciuccoli; however the rapid connections to the cities or the internal movements between the villages considering the train as a means of transport can prove to be an ecological, fast and capable choice to make you savor the surrounding landscapes while comfortably sitting “in a carriage”.

More info regarding timetables, costs and routes we recommend you to visit the official website of the Ctt Toscana Trasporti company for buses and Trenitalia SPA for trains.

Travel by bike

For those who want to move in total freedom, the bicycle can be an excellent means of transport, especially if your destination is a city or a town or a wild area.

With the bike you can get to the sea, whether it is Marina di Vecchiano or Marina di Pisa, to the cities of Pisa or Lucca, or to the various villages in the plains that surround the Mount such as Calci, San Giuliano Terme and Vicopisano.

If, you are more sporty and trained, you can also choose to climb up the mountain, arriving at the various villages perched on it, such as Buti, Molina di Quosa and Tre Colli, following the paths that Montepisano DMC has designed for those who want to train or do a quiet walk. All the routes are available at this link.

Can I rent one or more bikes?

For those arriving from outside, transporting their bicycles could prove to be somewhat inconvenient and tiring, therefore rental on site could be an excellent choice that our agency a few hundred meters from the station makes possible.

And Florence?

If instead you stay in the area but want to visit the wonderful city of Florence you will have the opportunity to get on the train at the San Giuliano Terme station and get off directly in the capital of Tuscany and art through some direct daily connections or with a change in the train station of Lucca.

Journey times:

But how far is San Giuliano Terme from the main cities to visit by train?

Lucca: 14 minutes – from 5:37 to 22:01

Pisa Centrale: 11 minutes – from 5:51 to 21:58

Pisa San Rossore: 05 minutes – from 5:51 to 21:58

Florence Santa Maria Novella: 1 hour and 26 minutes – from 5:51 to 22:01

Livorno Centrale and port: 31 minutes – from 5:51 to 21:58

As you can see, all destinations except for Florence can be reached in less than 30 minutes as San Giuliano Terme and Monte Pisano have a strategic position respect to the main attractions of Tuscany.

The complete and updated timetables according to the season of all railway connections can be found at this link.

To sleep:

We remind you that in order to find accommodation suitable for your needs, the Montepisano DMC agency offers a wide range of proposals including farmhouses, b & b and holiday homes available on the website!

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