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Bike tours – The Hamlets and Parish Churches of Monte Pisano

€84 per person

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The Hamlets and Parish Churches of Monte Pisano

A lot of fun and surprises for this challenging path to discover Parish Churches and Villages of Monte Pisano. The medieval fortified village of Vicopisano, with its Brunelleschi Tower, the challenge of climbing up to the ‘Verruca Fortess’ descending again to the ‘Certosa di Calci’, a XIV century Monastery.


The price includes:

  • Mountain bike-Trekking bike/E-bike
  • Expert tour guide
  • Tire repair kit

The indicated price refers to groups of at least 4 participants, with Mountain Bike / Trekking Bike

The supplement for smaller groups can be found in the Conditions tab


Click on the “Program” button to discover the route and all the points of interest it encounters.

From San Giuliano Terme we leave to Asciano: here we can admire the Medici Aqueduct that juts out from the mountain towards the city of Pisa with its 954 arches: it was built by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando I de ‘Medici to bring the water to all the fountains in the city. Once passed under the Aqueduct arches, the path to Vicopisano meets the Pieve di Santa Giulia, which rises from a green field like a jewel of the Pisan Romanesque style,  the Torre di Caprona whose story is told by Dante, the Thermal Park of Uliveto with the small parish church of S. Martino al Bagno, the historic village of Noce: we are in the area of Pisan ceramics, highly valued since Roman times. Once in Vicopisano we will allow ourselves a relaxing break in one of the various cafes or bistros, after visiting the small medieval village with its Brunelleschi Tower. Here it comes the most demanding part of our route: the climb to the ‘Rocca della Verruca’. From the highest point of our tour, the descent along the paths will be pure fun and adventure. Descending from the top of the mountain, we will reach our next stop: the ‘Certosa di Calci’, a monastic complex founded around 1300. Today it houses the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of the Monumental Monastery. ‘Terra & Aroma’, a new bistrot with all genuine food and drinks, will be the best spot to enjoy the postcard landscape with the mount towering behind the monastery. It’d be worthwhile planning a visit to the two Museum for the following day. On the way back we will still meet some beautiful parish churches, but above all we will have experienced the atmosphere of the small village and people who live in Monte Pisano area!

During the whole tour a professional guide will assist the group and tell everything about nature and history of these incredible places.

For all conditions, cancellation policies and various terms, please see the “Conditions” tab

Maps 3D & 2D:

  • Meeting point
    Montepisano Store - San Giuliano Terme (Pi)
  • Meeting time
    9:00 am
  • Duration
    6:00 pm
  • Included
    Bike tours – The Hamlets and Parish Churches of Monte Pisano
  • Not Included
    Personal Guide
    5 Star Accommodation
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    Departure Taxes
0-1 km
From San Giuliano Terme, with the Bagni di Pisa Resort SpA behind you, we take the Via Statale Abetone SS12 and turn left. Proceed to the crossroads on Via delle Sorgenti (cross the traffic lights and then make a quick right/left turn), and after 250m straight on to the roundabout. Then turn right onto Via di Palazzetto.
1-3,5 km
Continue straight on via di Palazzetto for about 2,5 Km. At the end of the street turn left on via S.Elena
3,5-7,5 km
Take Via S.Elena on the left and go along the Carbonaia ditch. You meet the arches of the Medici Aqueduct on Via dei Condotti, where you continue straight ahead for another kilometre on a dirt road.  Take the first street to the right (Via Paganini) and enter the town of Colignola.
7,5-8 km
Continue straight on, crossing the Vicarese state road and taking Via dell'Argine. Immediately we leave the tarmacked road to continue straight onto a dirt road, skirting a small pond on our right. We continue straight on until the embankment on the Arno river.
8-15 km
Take the embankment dirt road to the left and a long stretch of embankment opens up in front of us. Go up the Arno river for about 2Km alternating between the embankment or asphalt road (via Toniolo) following  the path that skirts round the small lakes of Campo (on the left) and makes a first wide bend to the left. At the end of the bend we will see the Pieve di Santa Giulia on the left, just before the tarmacked road at the end of the embankment near Caprona.
15-19 km
Pass through Caprona proceeding straight ahead at the roundabout (on Via Provinciale Vicarese) for about 500m, after which there is the cycle path on the right (near the pedestrian traffic light). Continue along the cycle path through Uliveto Terme. Here the cycle path stops (Parco Termale di Uliveto) for about 500m and then continues after the Park, on the left side of the Vicarese ("da Cinotto" Restaurant) WARNING! You must cross the state road
19-24 km
We continue along a pleasant  stretch of the cycle path that crosses through the village of Noce; afterwards we find the asphalt road from the villages of Lugnano  and Cucigliana. We stay on the cycle path in the direction of San Giovanni alla Vena.
24-26 km
Turn left at the end of the village of San Giovanni alla Vena. Proceed along Via dei Due Ponti along a canal (Serezza vecchia). The road soon becomes unpaved and then asphalted again in the village of Vicopisano. We cross Vicopisano going north. It is a good opportunity to stretch our legs visiting the town with its renaissance walls, and to replenish our water in Piazza Cavalca (fountains). Or sit in one of the many bars or bistros. Soon the ascent will begin!
26-32 km
 Leaving the village in the north direction, we cross a small bridge in the direction of the cemetery and immediately turn left onto Via della Verruca. Start oh the upohill stretch: 6Km approx. (first half on asphalt, then dirt road) (*)  At the end of the climb we will find ourselves in Prato Ceccottino, where numerous paths converge. From here we will start a nice downhill route. Those who want to can visit the Rocca della Verruca (Fortress of the Verruca : Pisa Fortress of the XII century - ruins) . This detour is highly recommended. It will be the highest point of the route (leave your bike to walk the last 400m) but our efforts  will be repaid  with a wonderful view over the plain of Pisa, the course of the Arno and the Tyrrhenian coast. Finally we return to the previous detour point to continue the descent.
32-35 km
Start of the descent! From the mouth of Prato Ceccottino proceed to the right onto a highly visible forest road that goes downhill for the first kilometre. You continue on an enjoyable dirt road, staying on this dirt road for another 1.1 Km and ignoring all the secondary turnoffs until you reach a possible water point (pipes from the canal on the right). We now continue along a  wider road and skirt some houses above the village of Montemagno (intersection with Alpine Club paths signs).
35-36 km
Continue straight on following the Alpine Club signs (Montemagno is signposted to the left). We will reach the village on the dirt road that we find just a little further down the road on the first bend on the left. (**)If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the village you can get off and walk with your bike along Via Eugenio III: legend has it that the pope was born in the first house at the top of the entrance of the village (a small description on the left recalls the event).
36-36,5 km
We leave Montemagno direction North (via Cerbaiola). We proceed along the road among the rolling olive groves.  ATTENTION: turnoff! After the first 500m the road curves 90° to the left downhill and becomes a dirt road. Here you MUST turn right onto the track (Alpine Club paths signs not evident). If you go straight on you will end up in a private property.
36,5-37 km
WARNING! GET OFF THE BIKE! Turn right onto the path and we will come to a canal that we have to cross on foot. The narrow path continues on the opposite side through a beautiful property, an old mill.
37-38 km
We take the asphalt road that goes down to the  left (a signpost  "Montemagno" points in the direction we are coming from). We are on Via degli Omberaldi, which descends along hairpin bends through the olive groves. We then see the mighty building of the Certosa (Charterhouse). At the stop sign we turn right and we are at the main entrance of the Certosa di Calci. (***) A visit to the Charterhouse is definitely recommended. If you have time you can return to this place and spend at least half a day here (Monumental part, Naturalistic Museum, Calci  Fresh Water Aquarium). Otherwise you can look into the courtyard and enjoy the view of the outside. Possible  refreshment at the beautiful adjacent farmhouse "Terra e Aroma".
38-39 km
With the entrance to the Certosa behind us, we turn right onto Via Roma which crosses through the centre of Calci (more possibilities of refreshments in the local cafè). On the left you will find the beautiful parish church of Calci. Pass the church and go up Via Ruschi on the right. The ascent starts again!
39-40 km
Near a small fountain (on the right) and a small church (on the left) we go up Via di Villa passing through the hamlet of Colle di Calci. Go past the Oratory of San Rocco and at the next junction take the uphill road on the left. The road becomes steeper and the dirt road begins  (via di Pari)
40-45 km
A panoramic dirt road leads us through the olive groves. From here we can view  the Valgraziosa di Calci, then we go past the locality Par di Rota and continue along Via Tobler and finally downhill on the asphalt road to the village of Agnano (WARNING: USE YOUR BRAKES!!).
45-47 km
We leave Agnano staying on via XXV Aprile and then on via Belvedere (at the crossroads there is a fountain for water supply!) The road becomes a dirt road and proceeds slightly uphill, beyond a quarry area. At the first hairpin bend we continue straight down on the path for about 1000m until we find the asphalt on Via Martiri della Libertà which we take to the left. We are now in the village of Asciano
47-50 km
We leave Asciano going slightly downhill on Via San Rocco. We meet via delle Sorgenti (along the Pisan Lungomonte) and turn right.  At the roundabout take the first exit on the right until the intersection with the SS12 Abetone and Brennero. WARNING: High level traffic junction. After the junction we are back in San Giuliano Terme at Monte Pisano Store.

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2 people: 145€/per person
3 people: 115€/per person
4 or more people: 99€per person
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