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Tandem Paragliding in Tuscany, near Pisa

€135 per person
You’re wondering what is a tandem paragliding flight? It’s easy! A perfect blend of excitement and adrenaline! You have to Take a few running steps to take off and to fly over magnificent landscapes!

With the aid of certificated instructors and pilots you can try and share a real paragliding flight. It is usually a soaring flight. After the take-off, the pilot will try to take advantage of the updrafts available (depending on weather conditions) to rise to the top, sometimes even several hundred meters above the starting point and then remain in the air for a long time, enjoying the true essence of paragliding.

  • Meeting point
    Montepisano DMC - San Giuliano Terme
  • Meeting time
    To be defined upon reservation
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Info
    Minimum required age is 14, minor passengers will need to be accompanied by their parents.


The flight rate includes:
1. A movie that is filmed on board during the flight, with special Gopro cameras (filming with titles and music involves an optional additional charge)
2. Various insurances: RCT and accidents
3. Social share of our aero club.
4. Material supplied: helmet, knee pad, it is advisable to wear suitable shoes for trekking or sports shoes.
The paraglider is not provided by engine, therefore the duration flight depends on weather conditions founded in-flight. The necessary updrafts fact are not always available to allow a longer duration of the flight. The duration flight is at the discretion of the pilot. This attraction does not requires any previous experience. Following the simple instructions that will be taught you before the take-off, you will have an exciting flying experience in total safety.


There are no particular limitations, except for the scope of the equipment (notice is required for people over 110 kg).
Minimum required age is 14,minor passengers will need to be accompanied by their parents.
No particular pride or physical gift is required outside of good general health, and remember that it may be necessary at least to perform a short stroke (10-20 meters maximum).
Access to handicapped people is also possible, but in this case, we reserve the right to assess case by case to ensure maximum security.