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Tandem Paragliding in Tuscany, near Pisa

€139 per person

Our instructor: Walter Bardi

I have been flying for years and teaching my students to fly. It’s not just a sport, but a sense of freedom and my greatest passion. With the tandem paragliding  I will make you discover this experience, in total safety and maximum professionalism.

You’re wondering what is a tandem paragliding flight? It’s easy! A perfect blend of excitement and adrenaline! You have to Take a few running steps to take off and to fly over magnificent landscapes!

With the aid of qualified instructors and pilots you can try and share a real paragliding flight. It is usually a soaring flight. After the take-off, the pilot will try to take advantage of the updrafts available (depending on weather conditions) to rise to the top, sometimes even several hundred meters above the starting point and then remain in the air for a long time, enjoying the true essence of paragliding.

Purchase conditions: a payment of € 39/person is required for the online purchase of a flight. The remaining € 100/person must be paid directly on site before the flight.


  • Meeting point
    Montepisano DMC - San Giuliano Terme
  • Meeting time
    To be defined according to the weather conditions
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Info
    Minimum required age is 14, minor passengers will need to be accompanied by their parents.
  • Included
    Tandem Paragliding in Tuscany, near Pisa
  • Not Included
    Personal Guide
    5 Star Accommodation
    Entry Fees
    Departure Taxes


What to bring: we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.
Flight for couples: it is possible to perform the flight simultaneously with two paragliders and two pilots.
Flying time: The tandem paragliding flight time varies depending on weather conditions. The necessary ascending air currents are not always available to allow the flight to continue at will of the pilot. If we will not find any favorable ascending air currents the flight time is reduced to a minimum of 10/15 minutes. Nevertheless if weather conditions allow it, the pilot will remain in flight until the passenger is completely satisfied.


Purchase conditions: a payment of € 39/per person is required for the purchase of a flight. The remaining € 100/per person must be paid directly on site before the flight.
The price includes: qualified instructor/pilot, insurance coverage for sport activity, Aero Club subscription, and equipment (knee pads, helmet).
The price does not include: transfers, unscheduled food expenses and drinks where not specified, and what is not mentioned in “the price includes”.
Cancellation terms: in case of bad weather the flight will be postponed. If the traveler is unable to postpone the date a refund will be provided with 19€ booking fee deducted.
There are no particular restrictions except for those of the weight of the pilot and the equipment itself.
Advance notice is required for persons exceeding 110 kg.
Minimum age of 14 is required. Underage persons must be accompanied by an adult.
No particular physical fitness is required, apart from being in good physical conditions.
For launch, you will need to be able to run a few steps (10-20 meters max) as you become airborne.
Tandem paragliding flights are also accessible to people with disabilities and in this case we reserve the right to evaluate each case to guarantee maximum safety.